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The Love Code

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LOVE – The Code You Deserve.

The online course is a 12 lectures paradigm shift that teaches you how to live from an internal state of peace and love. This approach in turn nearly guarantees you will achieve your goals.

Our limited offer to you

12 LOVE CODE online video lessons
recorded for by Dr. Alexander Loyd. Including over 200 minutes of HD-Video material.
97 $
2 Bonus Videos HEALING CODE
recorded by Dr. Alexander Loyd.
12 PDF-Workbooks
that help you to track your progress. The workbooks are filled with helpfull questions and summaries to all lessons of the online course.
24 $
12 HD-Video and HD-Audio Download files
to listen, watch and paractices your LOVE CODE while you are traveling by plane, train or in your car on any device you own. Let the LOVE CODE become your wing man.
48 $
LOVE CODE full Workshop recording
including about 300 minutes of HD-Video material. Check out the detailed contents here.
97 $
THE HEALING CODE full Workshop recording
including about 400 minutes of HD-Video material. Check out the detailed contents here.
147 $
3 Online Self-Assessments
by Dr. Alexander Loyd.

What people say about the LOVE CODE

“This is a paradigm shift breakthrough, turns most conventional wisdom about how to achieve success on its head, and explains why so many things that have sounded good have failed to produce results over the last 50 years. I, for one, am ‘all in’! I plan to live by and teach The Love Code from now on.”

Janet Attwood

Author, New York Times

The Love Code has cracked the code of life’s greatest mystery regarding how human beings really work. Reading and applying its principles will give anyone that missing piece they have been longing for.

Bill McGrane

President, McGrane Global Centers

Valuable information for everyone to access. This book is in perfect harmony with ageless wisdom: In all ways, to thine own self be true. Seek your answers to life’s questions from within, rather than from the world without.

William A. Tiller

Professor emeritus, Stanford University